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Real-Time Monitor Feature

Elementari's real-time monitor feature allows teachers to track their students' activity in real-time. Teachers can see if students are currently online, when they last logged in, and whether they are working on a project.

This feature is especially beneficial for remote learning and flipped learning evironments in helping teachers manage and engage their classrooms more effectively.

Accessing the Student Online Status Panel

  1. Log in to Elementari: Start by logging into your Elementari teacher account.
  2. Go to Your Classroom: Select the classroom you want to monitor.
  3. View Student Online Status: The student online status panel is located on the right side of the classroom dashboard.

{ src="/img/student-online-status.png" subtitle="Screenshot of the student online status panel displaying a list of students. Each student’s status is shown, including options like "not logged in," "last online," "online," and details of their current project." }

Understanding the Student Online Status Panel

The real-time monitor displays the following information for each student:

  • Online Status: Indicates if the student is currently online and working on a project.
  • Last Logged In: Shows the last date and time the student logged into Elementari.
  • Login Status: Indicates if the student has ever logged into their account.

Entering Active Projects

If a student is online and working on a project, you can click on the student's name to enter their active project. This allows you to:

  • Review their project: See the current state of their work.
  • Collaborate: Work alongside the student on their project.
  • Give Feedback: Provide real-time comments and suggestions.

Benefits of the Real-Time Monitor

  • Track Engagement: See which students are actively working on projects.
  • Identify Issues: Quickly identify students who may be having trouble logging in or who are not engaging with the material.
  • Support Remote Learning: Manage and engage with students remotely, ensuring they stay on track with their assignments.

Engagement Statistics

Premium users can also access project statistics to track students' time spent writing and coding for each project. View total engagement from your classroom by lesson to measure progress. Learn more in the Viewing Engagement Statistics help article.

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