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Public Classroom Library

Share the link to your classroom library so others can see your students' published work and engagement highlights.


The Public Classroom Library feature allows you to share your students' work and classroom engagement with others. By sharing the URL of your classroom, you can showcase all the lessons you have assigned and the published projects created by your students.

How to Share Your Classroom Library

Step 1: Copy the URL

  1. Log in to Elementari: Start by logging into your Elementari teacher account.
  2. Go to Your Classroom: Navigate to the classroom you want to share.
  3. Copy the URL: Simply copy the URL from your browser's address bar. This link is your classroom library link.
  1. Distribute the Link: Share the copied URL with anyone you want to view your classroom library. This could be parents, other teachers, or the public.

What Will Others See?

When others visit your classroom library using the shared link, they will see:

  1. Assigned Lessons: A list of all the lessons you have assigned to your students.
  2. Published Stories: Within each lesson, only the projects that have been published by your students will be viewable.
  3. Student List: A list of the students in your classroom, displaying their usernames and avatars.
  4. Classroom Section: A customizable section about your classroom, where you can provide additional information and context.

Engagement Highlights

Within each lesson, viewers can see various analytics that highlight student engagement, including:

  • Total Character Count: The total number of characters written by students in their projects.
  • Total Time Spent Writing: The cumulative time students have spent writing their projects.
  • Total Time Spent Coding: The cumulative time students have spent coding in their projects.
  • Total Reads: The total number of times the projects have been read.

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