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Standards-Aligned Lessons on Elementari

Elementari's interactive lessons blend storytelling and coding, making it easy to engage students while meeting educational standards. Our lessons align with multiple standards, including CSTA, AASL, ISTE, and Common Core, ensuring they fit into various curricula and support comprehensive learning.

Why Standards Alignment Matters

Aligning lessons with educational standards ensures that teaching is effective, measurable, and relevant. By adhering to standards such as CSTA, AASL, ISTE, and Common Core, Elementari provides lessons that engage students in innovative and creative projects while supporting academic goals.

Supported Standards

CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association)

Elementari’s lessons include computer science principles that align with CSTA standards. These lessons help students develop computational thinking skills and understand fundamental concepts of computer science.

AASL (American Association of School Librarians)

Lessons that support AASL standards focus on inquiry-based learning, digital literacy, and ethical use of information. These lessons encourage students to think critically and use technology responsibly.

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

ISTE-aligned lessons promote digital citizenship, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. These lessons prepare students for success in a digital world by integrating technology effectively into their learning experiences.

Common Core

Elementari offers lessons aligned with Common Core standards for English Language Arts (ELA). These lessons help students develop essential skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking, ensuring they meet grade-level expectations.

Don’t see your standards here? Contact us so we can better support you.

Exploring Standards-Aligned Lessons

Step 1: Access the Lesson Library

Navigate to the Lesson Library to browse through a variety of standards-aligned lessons.

Screenshot of the Lesson Library page. You can filter by grade and subject.

Step 2: Choose a Standards-Aligned Lesson

Select a lesson to view its details, including the educational standards it aligns with.

Screenshot of a lesson page showing standards alignment and lesson objectives.

Step 3: Assign or Start the Lesson

Click the SELECT button to begin the lesson or assign it to your classroom. Follow the prompts to set up the lesson according to your classroom needs.

Screenshot of the options to start the lesson for yourself or your classroom.

Benefits of Standards-Aligned Lessons

Plug and Play

Standards-aligned lessons make it easy for teachers to plug and play, allowing them to focus on supporting students rather than creating content from scratch.

Measurable Engagement

Track student progress through projects and use engagement statistics to understand how students interact with the lesson. Learn how to track student progress.

Cross-Curricular Connections

Integrate subjects like History, Science, and Language Arts, enhancing overall learning. This interdisciplinary approach helps students make connections between different areas of study.

Adaptive Learning

Elementari provides adaptable levels to meet the needs of diverse learners. Teachers can modify lessons to offer the right level of challenge and support for each student. Learn how to set levels for students.

Formative Assessment

Use Elementari's built-in feedback tools for formative assessment, providing personalized feedback to guide student learning and improvement. Learn how to give feedback.

Interested in Co-Creating?

We are always looking to collaborate with educators to create lessons that meet specific curriculum needs. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to co-create a lesson that fits your requirements. Contact us.

Elementari’s standards-aligned lessons provide a structured yet flexible approach to teaching, ensuring that students engage in meaningful, high-quality learning experiences.