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Cross-Curricular Connections on Elementari

Elementari's interactive lessons are designed to integrate multiple subjects, creating comprehensive and engaging learning experiences. These cross-curricular connections help students make meaningful connections between different areas of study, enhancing their overall understanding and retention of knowledge.

What are Cross-Curricular Connections?

Cross-curricular connections involve integrating different subjects into a single lesson or project. For example, a lesson might combine elements of History, Science, and Language Arts, allowing students to explore a topic from multiple perspectives. This approach promotes deeper understanding and helps students see the relevance of what they are learning in real-world contexts.

Benefits of Cross-Curricular Lessons

Enhanced Engagement

Integrating multiple subjects into a single lesson can make learning more engaging and enjoyable for students. It allows them to explore topics in depth and see how different disciplines intersect.

Real-World Relevance

Cross-curricular lessons help students understand how what they learn in the classroom applies to the real world. This relevance can motivate students to engage more fully with their studies.

Improved Critical Thinking

By approaching a topic from multiple angles, students develop critical thinking skills. They learn to analyze information, make connections, and draw conclusions based on evidence from various sources.

Comprehensive Learning

Cross-curricular lessons provide a more holistic learning experience. Students can see the bigger picture and understand how different subjects are interconnected.

Examples of Cross-Curricular Lessons

Environment + Coding: Choose Your Path Climate Adventure and Tiny Tree Keeper

These lessons combine environmental science with coding. Students address climate issues by designing a "Choose Your Own Adventure" project or taking on the role of a Tiny Tree Keeper to understand the impact of deforestation and conservation efforts.

Screenshot of the Choose Your Path: Climate Adventure lesson page.
  • Choose Your Path Climate Adventure: Students explore climate issues like biodiversity loss, water scarcity, and pollution through branching narratives. Start Lesson
  • Tiny Tree Keeper: Students learn about deforestation and conservation by coding a project about protecting the environment. Start Lesson

Hiproject + Coding: Historical Truths and Myths Game and Josephine Baker and Her Cheetah

These lessons merge hiproject with coding. Students research historical events and figures, then create interactive projects or games to present their findings.

Screenshot of the Historical Truths and Myths Game lesson page.
  • Historical Truths and Myths Game: Students create a game to separate historical facts from myths, enhancing their understanding of historical events. Start Lesson
  • Josephine Baker and Her Cheetah: Students explore the life of Josephine Baker and her role in hiproject through storytelling and coding. Start Lesson

Language Arts + Coding: Fairytale Remix and Three Symbols of Me

These lessons blend language arts with coding. Students rewrite classic fairytales or create personal narratives, integrating coding to enhance their storytelling.

Screenshot of the Fairytale Remix lesson page.
  • Fairytale Remix: Students remix traditional fairytales, adding their own twists and coding interactive elements. Start Lesson
  • Three Symbols of Me: Students create personal narratives using three symbols that represent them, coding interactive projects to express their identities. Start Lesson

Creating Your Own Cross-Curricular Lessons

Teachers can also create their own cross-curricular lessons tailored to their specific curriculum needs. Elementari's flexible tools make it easy to integrate various subjects and create engaging, interactive projects for students.

Interested in Co-Creating?

We are always looking to collaborate with educators to create lessons that meet specific curriculum needs. If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to co-create a lesson that fits your requirements. Contact us.

Elementari’s cross-curricular lessons provide a rich, interdisciplinary approach to teaching, ensuring that students engage in meaningful, high-quality learning experiences that prepare them for the complexities of the real world.