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Providing Feedback to Students

Providing feedback on student projects is a key part of the learning process in Elementari. Note that only premium members can provide feedback on projects. See Plans.

Step 1: Accessing Student Projects

  1. Log in to Elementari: Start by logging into your Elementari teacher account.
  2. Enter the Classroom: Navigate to the classroom where the lesson is assigned.
  3. Select the Lesson: Click on the specific lesson to view all student projects associated with it.
Screenshot of the classroom dashboard with lesson selected.
  1. Select the Student Project: Click on the specific project you want to review.
    • Feedback Status: Indicates the status of feedback with color-coded labels:
      • Green: Every feedback has been validated.
      • Red: Corrections to validate.
      • Yellow: Waiting for student corrections.
      • Black: No feedback given yet.
Screenshot of the list of projects with the feedback status.

Step 2: Enter the Student Project and Add Feedback

  1. Open the Student Project: Navigate to the specific project you want to review.
  2. Open the Add Feedback Form: Click on the ADD FEEDBACK button to open up the form.
Screenshot of where to click to open up the add feedback form.

Step 3: Provide Detailed Page-Level Feedback

  1. Page-Level Feedback: Leave detailed feedback on individual pages within the project.
Screenshot of the add feedback form.

Step 4: Student View and Feedback Resolution

  1. Student Updates: Students will see your feedback in their project view.
  2. Resolve Feedback: Students will click the RESOLVE button once they have made corrections.
Screenshot of the student view of feedbacks.

Step 5: Validate or Update Feedback

  1. Validation: Validate the resolved feedback to mark it as completed.
  2. Update Feedback: If the feedback isn't satisfactory, update it and send it back for further corrections.
Screenshot of the teacher view of feedbacks on a student project.