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Sharing Student Projects

Elementari allows teachers to share student projects, ensuring that student work can be viewed and celebrated by a wider audience. Here’s some ways on how to share student projects:

  1. Copy the Project Link: After publishing, copy the unique link to the student project.
  2. Share with Audience: Distribute the link to parents, classmates, or any other intended audience.
Screenshot of the project link sharing options.

Share the Individual Project Embed Code

  1. Click on Share: On the project's page, click the Share button.
  2. Copy Embed Code: Obtain the embed code to share the project on other websites or platforms.
Screenshot of the embed code sharing options.

Share the Classroom Library Page

Screenshot of the Choose Your Path: Climate Adventure lesson page.

Community Impact

Highlight how students' projects can impact outside the classroom, inspiring them to continue creating for an authentic audience. Click the button below to learn more.

Tips for Sharing Student Projects

  • Highlight Achievements: Use shared projects to celebrate student achievements.
  • Encourage Feedback: Enable comments to gather feedback and encourage interaction among students.
  • Maintain Privacy: Ensure that sensitive information is not included in publicly shared projects.

For more detailed steps on publishing and managing student projects, visit our Publishing Student Projects guide.