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Community Impact

Creating for a Real Audience: When students know their projects can be shared and viewed by others, it adds a layer of authenticity and purpose to their work. This motivates them to produce high-quality content and take pride in their projects.

Highlighting Student Achievements: Sharing student projects through Elementari can inspire other students and educators. It showcases the creativity and skills developed through these projects, encouraging a culture of innovation and excellence in the classroom.

Inspiring Global Learning: By sharing their work, students contribute to a global community of learners. Their projects can educate and inspire others around the world, fostering a sense of global citizenship and connectivity.

Examples of Community Impact

  1. Environmental Awareness and Coding:
    • Choose Your Path Climate Adventure: This lesson combines environmental education with coding. Students create interactive projects that explore climate change and its impacts, helping to raise awareness about environmental issues. Climate Adventure
  2. Historical Understanding and Coding:
    • Hysterical Truths and Myths Game: Students delve into hiproject by creating a game that differentiates between historical truths and myths, enhancing their understanding of hiproject while learning to code. Hysterical Truths and Myths Game
  3. Early Literacy and Game Design:
    • Letter Matching Adventure: Students design a game that helps younger peers practice letter recognition and matching. This project combines coding with early literacy skills, creating a fun, educational tool for younger students. Letter Matching Adventure
  4. Expressing Gratitude and Kindness:
    • Gratitude Card: Students create digital gratitude cards, combining artistic skills with coding to express thankfulness. These cards can be shared within the school community or beyond, promoting a culture of gratitude and kindness. Gratitude Card

How to Share Student Projects

  • Link Sharing: Each published project on Elementari can be shared via a unique link. This link can be copied and shared with anyone, making it easy to showcase student work.
  • Embedding Projects: Projects can also be embedded on other websites or blogs using the provided embed code, making it versatile to display student work in various digital formats.