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QR Code / Link Login

Students can log in to Elementari easily using a QR code or a unique login link. This method is perfect for younger students or those without email addresses.

Teacher Instructions

Step 1: Select or Create Your Classroom

  1. Log in to Elementari: Start by logging into your Elementari teacher account.
  2. Select or Create a Classroom:
    • If you already have a classroom set up, select the classroom you want to import students into.
    • If you need to create a new classroom, follow the instructions in the Create a Classroom help article.

Step 2: Open the Manage Students Dialog

  1. Open the dialog by clicking on the +Students button.
  2. In the dialog, click the Manage Students button.

You will see the list of student accounts. At the top, you have a button to Print all QR badges and a button to Download all login links. You can also download the QR badge of an individual student or copy the login link of an individual student by clicking on the icon.

Screenshot of the Manage Student Accounts Dialog.

Login Methods

Students simply click on their personal login link to log in and start creating!

Login with a QR Badge

  1. Visit the Login Page: Students go to Elementari's Login Page and choose Login with QR code. They can also use their device's camera to scan the QR code and open the link directly.
  2. Scan the QR Code: Students hold their QR badge in front of the device's camera. They may need to allow camera access in the browser.
  3. Get Creative: Once the QR badge is scanned, students are logged in. They can customize their avatar and access any assigned classes to begin lessons.
Example of QR Code badges that can be printed out.

Simplified QR Scanning with the Camera

Students can open the Camera app on iPads and tablets and bring the QR code into focus. The device will open a link that will log them in.


Q: One of my students has lost their QR badge or login link.

A: No problem! You can easily print a new QR badge or copy the login link for the student. Go to 'Manage Students' and click on the individual icon for the QR badge or the link next to the specific student's name.

Security - Reset the Login

Q: I think someone else is logged in as my student.

A: If you suspect someone else is using your student's QR badge or login link, you can reset the login. This will deactivate the old login and generate a new QR badge and link. Go to 'Manage Students', click the three dots next to the student's name, and choose 'Reset login'.

For further assistance, please contact Elementari Support.