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Onboarding Students Overview

Elementari offers multiple ways to onboard your students quickly and efficiently. Choose the method(s) that best suit your needs—or mix and match for maximum flexibility.

📧 Invite Students to Join Your Classroom

Provide students with a classroom code or a unique invite link. They can easily create their own accounts using Single Sign-On (SSO) with Google, Clever, ClassLink, or directly with their email.

Seamlessly import your students using existing integrations with Google Classroom, Clever, or ClassLink. Students can log in with their Single Sign-On credentials.

Google Classroom


👤 Creating Student Accounts with Username

For younger students, those without emails, or flexible classroom setups like rotation stations and drop-ins, manually creating Elementari accounts is ideal. This method ensures all students can participate.

Ideal Scenarios

  • Younger Students: Who may not have their own email addresses.
  • Students Without Emails: Ensuring all students can access the platform.
  • Flexible Classroom Setups:
    • Rotation Stations: Where the tablet or device stays logged in, but students rotate.
    • Drop-Ins: For situations where students participate on an ad-hoc basis.

Login Methods

Once accounts are created, students can log in using:

  • A specific username and password.
  • An instant login link.
  • Scanning a QR code for quick access.