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Inviting Students to Join Your Classroom


Each Elementari classroom has a unique invite link and join code that makes it easy for students to join. Follow these steps to invite students to your classroom.

Steps to Invite Students

Step 1: Select or Create Your Classroom

  1. Log in to Elementari: Start by logging into your Elementari teacher account.
  2. Select or Create a Classroom:
    • If you already have a classroom set up, select the classroom you want to import students into.
    • If you need to create a new classroom, follow the instructions in the Create a Classroom help article.

Step 2: Open the Invite Students Dialog

  1. No Students Yet: If you have no students, a dialog will automatically appear asking you to import your students.
  2. Existing Students: If you already have students, open the dialog by clicking on the +STUDENTS button.
  1. Copy the Invite Link:
    • In the dialog, click on the invite link to copy it.
    • Share this link with your students so they can sign up.
  2. Share the Join Code:
    • Alternatively, provide the join code to your students.
    • Students can enter this code to join your classroom directly.