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What are Lessons?

Elementari's interactive lessons merge storytelling and coding, empowering learners of all levels to create and publish their own games or projects. These lessons span various subjects, fostering creativity and technical proficiency through immersive, project-based learning.

Exploring a Lesson

Step 1: Access the Lesson Library

Visit the Lesson Library to explore a diverse range of interactive lessons.

Explore lessons by grade and subject in the Lesson Library.

Step 2: Choose a Lesson

Select a lesson to see detailed information, including objectives, resources, coding concepts, and alignment with educational standards.

Detailed view of a lesson page on Elementari.

Step 3: Start the Lesson

Press the SELECT button to choose whether to start the lesson for yourself or for your classroom.

Choose your learning setup.

Lesson Progression

Elementari lessons are designed to support both structured learning and creative exploration:

  • Open-Ended Milestones: Foster independent thinking and creativity, allowing students to explore and create.
  • Step-by-Step Milestones: Offer sequential tasks with collapsible info sections explaining coding concepts, ideal for beginners.

Lessons in the Classroom

Assigning Lessons

Teachers can assign a lesson from our extensive library or create custom lessons tailored to their classroom needs. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on Assigning a Lesson.

Collaboration Options

When assigning a lesson, you can enable settings for collaborative projects.

Resources and Support

Each lesson includes resources such as:

  • Writing organizers
  • Research organizers
  • Teacher guides
  • Coding extensions

Adaptive Student Levels

Set adaptable learning levels to match student capabilities. Find out how to adjust student levels.

Discover how Elementari's interactive lessons can transform learning by integrating coding, storytelling, and critical thinking into a cohesive educational experience.