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Resetting Login Link and QR Code

Resetting a student's login link and QR code on Elementari provides them with new credentials for access. Follow these steps to reset the login link and QR code:

Step 1: Open Manage Students Dialog

  1. Log in to Elementari: Start by logging into your Elementari teacher account.
  2. Navigate to Your Classroom: Go to the classroom where the student is enrolled.
  3. Open Manage Students Dialog: Click on the + Students button. In the dialog, click the Manage Students button.
  1. Locate the Student: Find the student for whom you want to reset the login credentials.
  2. Reset Login: Click on the three dots next to the student's name to open the actions menu.
  3. Select Reset Login Link: Choose Reset Login Link from the dropdown menu.
Screenshot of the Reset Login Link option option.

Additional Information

  • Effect: This will reset both the QR code login and the link login, providing the student with new access credentials.
  • Notification: Ensure the student receives the updated login link or QR code.