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Automated Crediting

Elementari is dedicated to promoting arts, literacy, and computational thinking in an engaging and collaborative way. A key part of this mission is ensuring that all illustrators and composers are properly credited when users publish their projects or games. This promotes responsible digital citizenship and acknowledges the contributions of artists.

How Automated Crediting Works

Credits in Project Descriptions

When users publish their projects, the credits for the book, including illustrations, backgrounds, and music, are automatically appended at the bottom of the project description. This ensures that all artists whose work has been used are acknowledged.

Viewing Page-Specific Credits

While reading a project or game, you can click on the C icon to bring up the credits specific to that page. This provides detailed information on the artists' contributions for each individual page, enhancing transparency and recognition.

Screenshot of the credits icon and page-specific credits.

Credits for Remixed Projects

If you remix a project, Elementari automatically credits the original author and project. This ensures that the original creator receives recognition for their work, even when it is used as a foundation for new projects.

Encourage Responsible Practices

Notifications for Artists

Artists and authors are automatically notified by email and through notifications on Elementari when a project using their work is published. This ensures creators are aware of how their work is being used and appreciated.

Importance of Credits

Properly crediting artists and authors highlights the value of their work and promotes ethical use of creative content. This practice encourages a culture of respect and appreciation for intellectual property, which is essential for fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

Promoting Digital Citizenship

Automated crediting not only ensures artists are recognized but also teaches users the importance of giving credit to creators. This is a fundamental aspect of responsible digital citizenship and supports our mission to integrate arts, literacy, and computational thinking in meaningful ways.