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Remixing Guide

Remixing on Elementari allows you to take an existing project and create your own version of it. This is a great way to learn, experiment, and add your own creative touch while giving credit to the original author.

What is Remixing?

Remixing involves creating a copy of an existing project that you can modify and personalize. The original author is automatically credited, and they are notified when you publish your remixed version.

How to Remix a Project

Step 1: Find a Project to Remix

  1. Browse Published Projects: Navigate to the Projects or any published project you are interested in.
  2. Select a Project: Choose a project you want to remix.
Screenshot of selecting a project to remix.

Step 2: Click the Remix Button

  1. Remix Button: On the project page, click the 🔄 Remix button.
Screenshot of the remix button on a project page.

Step 3: Create Your Version

  1. Edit the Project: You will be taken to the authoring tool where you can modify the project. Add your own elements, change the project, and personalize the project.
Screenshot of the authoring tool for editing your remix.

Step 4: Publish Your Remix

  1. Publish: Once you are satisfied with your version, click the Publish button. The original author will be credited and notified.

Best Practices for Remixing

  • Experiment and Learn: Use remixing as an opportunity to experiment with new ideas and learn from existing projects.
  • Make it your own: Enhance the project with your own creative touch. Whether it’s adding new features, improving the project, or refining the code, make it your own.

Benefits of Remixing

  • Learning by Doing: Understand how different coding elements work by modifying and experimenting with existing projects.
  • Creative Expression: Add your own unique ideas and creativity to an existing project.
  • Community Engagement: Engage with the Elementari community by building upon each other's work.

Try Remixing a Project!

Example 1: Dialogue and Narration for Fables